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released June 14, 2014



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Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Dive
Ima dive in a lake at three in the morning tell me you don't see the glory in acting young and foolish

Ima dive in a lake at three in the morning staying dry is far too boring i'm alive and now I know it I'm alive and now I know it

Ima climb to the top of the real tall building so I can feel the wind a blowing so I can feel the wind a blowing

Ima climb to the top of a real tall building so I can feel the wind a blowing feels a lot like I've been knowing i'm alive and I'm still going

Ima spread my wings and fly to the heavens where all the angels think I'm clever where all the more is for the better where all the more is for the better
Track Name: In the Garden
There’s goes another year

They go as quick as eggs are eaten from the carton

There goes your last chance

Good thing you hid some in the tree behind the garden

Such bitter blood

Who knew you were so delicate

In rained so much

Uncovered filthy little details in the mud

Beneath the sea

You’ll find me swimmin through the sunken memories

A siren’s plea

To kill a man before he has the chance to kill me
Track Name: Seasons
When I see you standing so tall

Something tells me you’ll be there when I call

The summer’s almost over. Cold winds from the north.

The season took my lover. Love has run its course.

I’ll leave the light on for you. So you can find me in the dark.

I’ll leave the door wide open. So you can find me in the dark.

Green leaves slowly turn red. So do my cheeks,

When I’m around you, stubborn turns to meek.

I’ll leave the light on for you. So you can find me in the dark.

I’ll leave the door wide open. So you can find me in the dark.

The dark.

Let the moonlight guide you to me.

Until I see your silhouette waiting patiently.

I’ll leave the light on for you. So you can find me in the dark.

I’ll leave the door wide open. So you can find me in the dark.

The dark.
Track Name: Night
I hold on until another night

But the moon always comes calling for its bit of sky

The autumn light ain't got no fight

It's the way these days each day says goodbye

Common winds and coming wars

Holding the sand cold against the shore

I see her pass, I know that road

It's the way she tries to hide from where it goes


Lei ha contato nella venuta

Anche se l'ha fatto apposta una puntura
Track Name: Easier, Better
Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord,

Come walk me down the mountainside

I tried, I tried to go alone

But you see the road, the road, the road

It begs for company

Another you or two for three to keep me walking on

And I've been going a little too far on my own

And I've been trying to set my steps towards home

But without you by my side, I'm another lonesome load

The old ways aren't bad ways, still I think it's time to let them go

Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord

I'm laying on this pitch of floor

Hiding out from the outside war

Trying hard to find out what I am useful for

But we've been living inside of a terrarium jar

It's not what you were meaning when you set me alone in the dark

Now I see you were scheming for me to muscle my way into your arms

Not to run disbelieving calamity's chores and her charms

These days I've been thinking the old ways weren't always what 

I was waiting on

Oh love, oh love, oh love

I'll walk this way with you

Your eyes will see me through

Your ears hear nothing new

The earth only produces another up and down

And I've been down

A little too long on my own

I've been down

Sorrow stealing the show

I've been down and done

Time to try the other one

Low waters come round our feet again, our knees, our necks again

We're gladly wet again

The pain we met back then pushing towards the road again

But this time we walk together
Track Name: Milwaukee
I left you to see what I'd miss.

Two months gone, I wanna see you again.

Even though the days are cold,

I wanna feel the snow, I wanna feel the cold.

Do you miss me at all? Do you think I'm having a ball without you?

I dream of you every night.

I just want your familiarity to hold me tight.

When will I go home? I wanna go.

When will I go home? 'Cause I wanna go now to sweet Milwaukee.

I wanna feel the snow. I wanna feel the cold.

'Cause you're all I know. You're all I know.

Even though the weather's nicer out here,

I'd rather be cold with you. And be with something I know.

I wanna feel the snow. I wanna feel the cold.

I took you for granted and it’s all I can take.

I wanted to see an ocean instead of a lake.

The laughs I remember, the promises made.

The people I love most, my heart that will break if I don't come home.
Track Name: Old Oak Tree
I can't begin to count the ways that you've been counting down

I can't begin to spin a story from the suffering

I trim the taper of another day

I bend the time that's in my way

To the leash I bind the beast

Still I'm running for his teeth

The eagle in the old oak tree hasn't ever had any song for me

The memory of melody is scarce

The riverbend's been promising again what it never will be nor has been

The moonlight's only daylight in pretend


This time I'm calling off the clock

Is maybe now or maybe not

It's may we catch a shred of sin

An open gate we'll hunger in

Beholden tropes keep traipsing through

But what else do you want to do?

The eagle in the old oak tree hasn't ever shared her song with me

The memory of melody is scarce

Cut it down, we'll burn it up

It's not enough but it's enough for us

To disinherit any from its where

You look at her, I eye your friend

So the old book wrote, it's continuing

The trouble comes when sultry slips

Beyond the realm of fingertips

But who's to blame a moral breach

If you confess you may well preach

The tempest in that old oak tree has been calling my name deliberately

The memory of melody is scarce

Birds that wing have flown from here

The sky's the same it's only us they fear

It's every each and only disappeared
Track Name: Terms of Collapse
It's very old water, it's an even older bridge

It wasn't ever mine and it surely wasn't his

Construction has been stalling, they might just tear it down

By this point we see it clear, it's either sink or drown

Let's go drowning, tonight we're crawling

Let's go crawling, tonight we're sinking

We are wounded, bruised, sore and confused

Forgotten, rotten, all but caught in

The terms of the collapse

Happenstance happened fast

Your last chance

Just a fumbled pass

The flood, over capacity

The rush of bolt­breaking enmity

Culmination of suspension in a heap

The cord of distance too heavy to upkeep

The gates break fast

The chase across the water was a heavy sinking line

The way that I outran you clearly swallowed up the prize

One thing that I oft forget is angels ain't so kind

As starving people think, it's when you try to drown you never sink

I'm drowning, tonight I'm crawling

I'm sinking, tonight I'm falling

I am wounded, bruised, sore and confused

Forgotten, rotten, all but caught in

The terms of the collapse

Design flaws, 9 percent a cause

Floods and mud 53 above

Collision, overload,

Picking up on the rest of the untold

Deterioration, cracks in the foundation

The gates break fast

It's very old water, it's an even older bridge

It wasn't ever mine and it surely wasn't his

Construction has been stalling, they might just tear it down

By this point we see it clear, it's either sink or drown

Let's go drowning, tonight we're drowning

Let's go drowning, tonight we're sinking
Track Name: Woo Hoo
I'm unknown to what shall come next.

A house of 6 and one more to expect.

A traveling hermit, I feel at home in my shell.

In moves with me, a wondering vagrant as well.


Singing along to the song I know best.

Forgetting the words, I make up the rest.

Confident that it will turn out all right.

Or I'll just pack up my things and drive

Into the night

Wanderer wandering aimless and free.

Wonderer wondering what the next verse will be.

I suppose we'll see.

I'm at home in the sun. I'm at home in the sea.

I'm at home in my car and with my family.

I'm at home in the places that I've never been.

I'm at home going back to my first home again.

Home again.

Wander wandering aimless and free.

Wonder wondering what the next verse will be.

I suppose we'll see, Woo hoo